Our Story

How did I get here?


Yep, There I am. Little Taylor with her pops...

There has always been this passion for nurturing. Nurturing anything that crosses my path, whether that is with a human, plant, or an animal. Growing up on the ranch, there was room to run and use your imagination. I grew up on the South end of the valley where we raised Hereford cattle and grew alfalfa. I spent most of the time barefoot with my hands in the dirt, but also loved girlie things. I was the types that caught tadpoles out of the ditch and brought them back home to put in my Barbie swimming pool until they were frogs. 

So now look, here I am in 2020 in the lavender field

After I left the nest in 2012, I went to college for a little, worked full time, and lived in a one bedroom apartment, but ditched all that in 2014, and moved out of Nevada for a few years to start another adventure. There was some wisdom gained and many memories made along the way knowing that my time would eventually lead me back home to my roots.

Farming stayed on my mind the entire duration of me being in Southern California. On my mom’s side of the family, the farming roots grow strong; I am a 5th generation farmer. I worked for their company remotely in sales while living in LA, selling onions to retailers around the world for a year, and returned to the home office in Yerington for another year. 

I traveled to many different produce shows and conferences around the nation where I got to network with many different people for all types of commodities. That struck my attention on my dream of starting my own farm and how that could become reality with hard work and determination. 
After four years of researching different varieties of lavender, visiting different lavender farms, and going to different festivals; in 2019 I purchased my first lavender plants, and in 2020 Deeply Rooted was formed! 
When I was coming up with my farm name, it needed to be meaningful, it needed to show part of me. It needed to give me more room for growth- Will I expand with more herbs.. probably. I had a list a mile long, and it even took me over a year to decide. I kept putting my hands in the dirt and going back to Deeply Rooted, I knew that had to be my final decision. 
Deeply Rooted is metaphorically & physically speaking when it comes to the farm. With my lavender roots establishing themselves in the ground, they will be able to live a long healthy life for many years to come. I will also be able to stay in Yerington as a farmer growing my roots deeper into the community. 
I am always learning and navigating new sustainable ways to farm. I use this ability as a way of life, and in my lavender fields. This helps me produce the best quality of customer service and lavender to DRF's community.
Everything at Deeply Rooted is grown with intent.