Frequently Asked Questions

Should I water my lavender plant every day?  

In the high desert of Nevada, watering is more frequent, but still not a lot. In some regions, I know lavender farm owners who do not irrigate at all.  --You need to remember that lavender is drought tolerant. Too much water will give the plant root rot and kill it. The early stages of the plant’s life require a little more water than an established lavender plant, but not every day!

How long will my lavender that I have purchased keep its scent?

If you have purchased dried lavender from our farm it can last a few years! By giving the lavender buds a delicate squeeze you are refreshing the scent that you will be able to enjoy all over again. Please handle the lavender with care, when lavender is dried it can become brittle.

Do you sell culinary lavender?

YES!! Culinary lavender is available for purchase on the farm, visit our shop! We love cooking with lavender, and we think it should be available to everyone!

Where does lavender grow best?

Lavender loves and thrives in full sun with well-drained sandy soil. 

When does your farm have fresh lavender?

Lavender typically blooms from Late June to early September on our farm, so the fresh harvested lavender will be available for local customers only from July to the end of August. We are working hard to be able to ship fresh lavender overnight, so please stay tuned. 

What are the common uses for lavender?

Lavender is an amazing herb, and the ideas are endless. You want to think about the variety you are purchasing because that will help determine what you do with it. Lavender has amazing properties of a calming effect typically used for aromatherapy. This herb has antibacterial and antifungal belongings, also. Lavender can help eliminate an itchy bug bite or a burn you may have gotten. You can add lavender essential oil to your skin care routine to help lighten skin and reduce wrinkles, it even helps with hair health! Lavender can also aid as a bug repellant. ---Culinary Lavender, Deeply Rooted's main growing focus, is becoming an everyday day interest for some folks. You can bake, cook, and create cocktails with culinary lavender, along with incorporating lavender in with your teas. To learn more about what you can do with lavender, please feel free to reach out to me by email.

Is your farm open to the public?

At the moment our lavender field at Deeply Rooted is not open to the public for U-picks or visits. 

Can I schedule a photoshoot in the lavender fields?

no, our farm is not open to the public. Eventually down the road we may consider this an option for photographers to bring their clients for a small fee. 

What is the best way to reach Deeply Rooted?

We welcome engagement, and you can contact Taylor through email at – By phone at 775-684-9513. You can also find us on some social media sites like Instagram and Facebook! The Instagram handle is @tayloratdeeplyrooted and on Facebook look for, Deeply Rooted Farms! We will reply in a timely fashion.


If we have missed a certain question you would like answers for, please reach out to us, and we are happy to help!