How did I end up beekeeping?
It all started with a conversation I had with my aunt.
Around three years ago I called her up and asked if she would be interested in going to a Beekeeping 101 class with me, hosted by our local beekeepers club, Mason Valley Beekeepers. I was eager to learn more in depth about these beautiful complex little creatures. I knew my aunt would be up for this adventure.
Above photo by: Kelly O'Keefe
We took the 101 class and joined the local club, which was very informative and completely mind blowing half the time.  After that class we ordered our first package of honey bees and we have been on the beekeeping journey ever since. 
Our second year in we decided that three hives was going to be perfect. Our girls were working away in an abundance of lavender blooms, alfalfa, wildflowers on the hill, and other medicinal herbs in the yard. 
The time had come and  it was time to buy an extractor to collect some of the honey from the hives. This made life a little easier. Our bees produced enough Raw Nevada Honey that I was able to take it to the events I attended to share with the community! It was truly a big hit! 
My aunt and I continue to learn and grow in this beekeeping world. I do not ever foresee expanding our bee operation with too many more hives. 
Little hobby beekeepers like us are needed in this world. 
Above photo by: Kelly O'Keefe
As I am working in the lavender field, I am reminded to stop and see the beauty that surrounds me when a honey bee lands on a blooming lavender plant.
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